[pick-up team]


19.06.20055:13Lost Muzzles at Poznań Unleashed 2005
18.09.2005W:LRest of the World at
20.05.20062:6DrehscheibenFreaks at Spring Lube 2006
01.07.20066:8Pick-Up at Agrykola 2006
02.07.20065:6Pick-Up at Agrykola 2006
19.05.20078:6Team Overhead at Spring Lube 2007
20.05.20074:13DJ Deckel at Spring Lube 2007
23.02.200819:9InterCity at Spirit On Ice 2008
24.05.20088:6pickup at Spring Lube 2008
15.06.20089:8Zdobywcy Tits at Lemon Cup 2008
15.06.20087:6Cool WD40 at Lemon Cup 2008
26.07.200812:3pickup at Sandslash Dębki 2008
21.02.20098:10FrDenda at Spirit On Ice 2009
18.04.20096:8Disco Polo at Zielonomi 2009
19.04.20095:10Disco Polo at Zielonomi 2009
13.09.200911:2Claudis DogJockeys at Poznań Unleashed 2009
14.11.200915:8a(WC)f at Uuu!!! Haa!!! Cup 2009
14.11.200923:18pickup at Uuu!!! Haa!!! Cup 2009
15.11.200918:23a(WC)f at Uuu!!! Haa!!! Cup 2009
14.07.20126:11SandAche at Baltic Beach Contest 2012
15.07.201210:5Żołądkowa at Baltic Beach Contest 2012
15.07.20128:5SandAche at Baltic Beach Contest 2012
21.07.20121:13The Monsters at Sun Beam 2012
21.07.20124:11i-Free at Sun Beam 2012
05.01.201317:27Lovers Team at Boruta Cup 2013
05.01.201318:10Terminator 2 at Boruta Cup 2013
06.01.201314:19Lovers Team at Boruta Cup 2013
15.06.20139:7Wszystkie składy at Baltic Beach Contest 2013
15.06.20137:5Panic at the disco at Baltic Beach Contest 2013
14.09.201313:4pickup at Łódź - Miasto Gotham
15.09.201312:5Krakbeatz at Łódź - Miasto Gotham
21.09.20136:10FunFlipper at 12. Mückencup
21.09.201312:7pickup at 12. Mückencup
09.09.20134:14pickup at Warszawska Liga Ultimate 2013
09.11.201317:17Los Borrachos at Frisbee Kołem się toczy 2013
18.01.201416:17Cypher at Kwalifikacje Centrum HMP 2014
01.02.201416:11Niedopaleni at GOSiR Cup 2014
31.05.20146:4Pick-up at Welcome to Paradise X 2014
16.08.20146:7Dopijem a plujem at Whose Baby 2014
16.08.20148:7Pickup at Whose Baby 2014
17.08.20148:4Rodinné balení rýže at Whose Baby 2014
04.07.201515:4Ludzie Warzki at Warzka 2015
18.07.201511:3pickup at Ależ Talerz 2
21.08.20154:13Mr. and Mrs. Smith at SandSlash Dębki 2015
12.09.20157:3Spiritfüchse at Rock'n'Owl 2015
06.12.20158:7pickup at WLU* 2015/16
20.12.201521:2pickup at WLU* 2015/16
07.05.201615:5Szufla-Lionz at EUCR-E X 2016
01.07.201610:11Cypher at Warzka 2016
02.07.20169:10Cypher at Warzka 2016
20.08.201611:12Team Zissou at SandSlash 2016
11.09.201610:7Under Disagio at Madunina 2016
26.11.201615:12WoDo Friends at Ausg’steckt is! 2016
26.11.201617:10Up-Solute at Ausg’steckt is! 2016
26.11.201613:11Goldene Parkettkäfer at Ausg’steckt is! 2016
14.01.201721:6Night's Watch at Winter Unleashed 2017
18.03.201721:20Picasso at Mazurski Klimat 2017
30.06.20178:7Ludzie Warzki at Warzka 2017
30.06.201710:9Młode Wilki at Warzka 2017
02.07.201710:11Młode Wilki at Warzka 2017
18.08.201711:10The Unusual Suspects at SandSlash 2017
19.08.201711:4Fat Hat Cats at SandSlash 2017
19.08.20178:6Sandmade at SandSlash 2017
03.12.201716:13Spezi at Ausg’steckt is! 2017
03.12.201716:18Goldene Parkettkäfer at Ausg’steckt is! 2017
26.11.201711:7Cool Kids of Disc at WLU* 2017/18
21.01.20189:15Cool Kids of Disc at WLU* 2017/18


16.12.201218:9Kosmorucha Rangers at WZIU 2012/2013
12.01.201313:21Kosmorucha Power at WZIU 2012/2013
24.02.201313:21Kosmorucha Power at WZIU 2012/2013
24.11.20136:21Bednarska at WLU* 2013
01.12.201317:4Morale Team at WLU* 2013
22.02.201514:13Alte Schule at Winterflug 15

Wins: 44 - Draws: 1 - Loses: 28 - Points: 788:708 +80